Exploring the Case for Nuclear

The True Story of
Nixon’s Nucleargate

Nixon seized on the nuclear frenzy with a program to have 1,000 plants built. But on its rocket-ship trajectory, nuclear faced five major problems.

In 1973, President Nixon seized on the nuclear frenzy with a new program he dubbed “Project Independence.”

Calling to mind the Manhattan Project, Nixon wanted 1,000 nuclear plants to be built by 2000.

Those 1,000 plants would have provided 200% of the U.S.’s power needs . . . in 2022.

No coal, no wind, no solar, no natural gas, no hydro. No carbon emissions. Just 100-percent-clean, made-in-America nuclear power.

Like others of his time, President Nixon saw the incredible promise held in the atom.

Nuclear power plants use tiny amounts of uranium, an abundant natural resource, as fuel. That means they only have to be refueled every 1.5 years.

And because uranium is extremely energy-dense, the mining impacts are minimal compared to coal, oil… even wind power.

Nuclear produces zero pollution from operations. It doesn’t care if it’s windy or sunny or rainy. It just goes—operating more than 90 percent of the time.

Best of all, nuclear provides massive amounts of baseload power—about 1GW per reactor. That makes a single two-reactor plant capable of powering more than one million homes.

By every possible metric, nuclear is the best, most reliable source of carbon-free energy on the planet.

It should be powering much more of the planet. But it isn’t.

In fact, nuclear power has been stagnant for the past thirty years… and declining for the past decade.

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