Exploring the Case for Nuclear


A brief history of
nuclear power in the U.S.

Nixon seized on the nuclear frenzy with a program to have 1,000 plants built. But on its rocket-ship trajectory, nuclear faced five major problems.
In 1966, one man voted against building a plant, marking the beginning of the end for nuclear power.
A partial meltdown of a reactor at the Three-Mile Island (TMI) plant in 1979 threw the entire nuclear industry into disarray.
A partial meltdown of a reactor at the Three-Mile Island (TMI) plant in 1979 threw the entire nuclear industry into disarray.
Three Mile Island may have dealt the fatal blow, but nuclear was dying for a reason that had nothing to do with itself.
Nuclear may be the only energy on the planet with a complete long-term waste solution for every. last. molecule.
When a researcher started investigating arguments against nuclear based on price, she discovered something mind blowing.


The world is headed towards a cleaner, greener future

and nuclear energy
is poised to play a massive role .

Anti-nuclear activists love to complain about nuclear waste, but fossil fuels' waste is far more harmful to the environment on a mass scale.
Renewables are supposed to be saving the planet. Instead, they’re making the problem worse.
Nuclear power generation in France remains so high that nuclear plants occasionally close for the weekends.
The Japanese government announced the country was going “nuclear free”... which led to spiraling electricity prices and extreme government debt...
The French government knows the demand for nuclear energy. And they want to sell the solution to the greatest danger the planet has ever faced.
At the end of 2021, the first Fourth-Gen nuclear reactor in the world came online in China. The technology was purchased from Germany.
Russia and China have taken over the nuclear scene, but the U.S. plans to swoop in for nuclear supremacy.

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