Pibble Announces First Investor:
Andrew Bustamante of Everyday Spy

Impressing a client so much they invest in you.

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Pibble today announces one of its clients has become an investor: Andrew Bustamante, ex-CIA officer and owner of EverydaySpy.com.


Starting with a unique approach to the EverydaySpy brand identity and customer avatar, Pibble decreased the cost-per-lead (CPL) 82% (from $11 to $2) on its first lead generation funnel.

With those results in hand, the focus shifted to a front-end, quiz-style funnel with 113 unique, market-rich data points.


That quiz has a 76% conversion rate – 90% better than the average quiz funnel conversion rate of 40.1% and nearly 300% better than typical digital lead offers.


“While we’re happy with the results so far, this is just the beginning,” says Elia Ajram, Founder & CEO of Pibble. “Money needs speed, and businesses built on a strong market strategy gain insane momentum. This latest example of our proprietary model is a testament to how effective digital marketing can be. We couldn’t be happier that our model turned a client into an investor.”

Bustamante took an uncommon approach to his investment, says Ajram. “He didn’t request any of the traditional financial proof, or press our executive team for interviews.”


According to Bustamante, “There was no reason. The performance improvement across the EverydaySpy brand after Pibble came on board speaks for itself. In all honesty, I kind of bullied my way into ownership. Elia didn’t offer it – I insisted.”


Bustamante went on to say, “Pibble is disrupting the slow, sloppy service that plagues digital marketers like me. I’m beyond excited to leverage my network, knowledge, and reputation to help them grow exponentially.”


Pibble is a done-for-you digital marketing agency that focuses on speed so companies can take advantage of growth opportunities. Pibble will further strengthen its proprietary sales, marketing, development, and operations models with Andrew’s valuable expertise as a former covert operative for the CIA. Pibble’s latest service finds hidden revenue for your business – launching the week of June 13th!


EverydaySpy teaches spy skills to everyday people that want to live their best life. With Pibble behind it, EverydaySpy is scheduled to expand its offerings, create a mobile app, and launch B2B services for multi-million dollar entrepreneurs looking to dominate their industries.

Contact Information


Elia Ajram,
Founder & CEO
Call or text: (904) 664-1979

Everyday Spy

Andy Bustamante,
Founder & CEO
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