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One Hydrogen Company To Rule Them All?
Are Electric Vehicles About To Die?

The $15.9 Billion Dollar “Crystal Gold” Rush

Why The World’s Richest Men Like Bill Gates Are Secretly Investing In Green Hydrogen

We’re in desperate times – fossil fuels are no longer sustainable and solar and wind energy are not enough to power our homes, facilities, and all the vehicles we need.

And just when it seems like all hope is lost, and humanity might be doomed, experts believe they’ve discovered a solution…

One that is as old as the universe and as plentiful as air – Hydrogen (or ‘crystal gold’ as it can be found in ice crystals).

This invisible gas is poised to potentially become the fastest growing source of power in the next decade. 

Industry Week reports that, “It is the most plentiful element in the universe, and its capability as an effective energy carrier has been well-understood for decades.”

In a recent article, Bill Gates declared that, “cheap, green hydrogen would be a massive breakthrough”.

In fact, Gates and an elite group of investors already invested $91 million into hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Vs. Electric Vehicle Showdown

The buzz around hydrogen as a climate solution is palpable. Astonishingly, hydrogen projects worth $10 billion are announced every month.


This potential is so enticing that governments are shifting their focus onto it.


Public policies such as the Inflation Reduction Act in the US and Green Deal Industrial Plan in Europe support hydrogen production and aim to encourage the development of the sector.


According to experts, the demand is expected to grow four to six-fold.


But perhaps the biggest driving force is the ban of gas and diesel vehicles that is being adopted all around the world.

  • The EU has a policy that all new cars and vans sold by 2035 should not produce any CO2 emissions.

  • California, Washington, and Oregon have also put a ban on the sale of new gasoline vehicles, set to take effect by 2035.


Other states are expected to soon follow in their footsteps.


This has resulted in sales of electric vehicles skyrocketing.

10 million EVs were sold worldwide in 2022, and it is expected to increase by 35% to 14 million this year.

But Electric Vehicles Were Never Enough…

In 2022, nearly 81 million cars were sold,14 only 10 million were EVs.


The hard truth about Electric Vehicles is that while it’s a growing market, there is still tons of room for other forms of clean cars.


This is where hydrogen-powered vehicles come in.


By 2030, the total planned production of clean hydrogen energy stands at 38 million metric tons. But the demand is expected to grow up to 400-600 million metric tons by 2050.


That means a market exists, demand is growing, but supply is still limited.


This combination of demand and scarcity sets off little alarm bells for seasoned investors.


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