Hi Chase,

I know presenting for live events and shooting TV appearances means you have very little time to execute on the digital growth of your business – let alone learn and execute on everything necessary to build a solid digital marketing foundation.

That’s where we come in. Pibble takes all of the guesswork out of getting your business’s digital marketing running smoothly. Our aim is to minimize the impact on your time so that you can do what you do best while we take care of the rest.

First, we’ll do a full review of all aspects of your digital business. We may have a few questions for you, but I believe your business manager and media buyer can handle the bulk of our questions.

Next, we’ll build the critical foundational elements of your digital marketing. This covers the necessary technical structure and the first stage of the digital marketing build-out so that you can start supporting your live events with revenue generated through your online presence.

Then, we can work out continuing support for the digital side of your business. This can mean continuing to build out your funnels; design for both print and web; video editing and motion graphics; development solutions and maintenance — you name it, we can do it.

Now, for every day your business doesn’t have these critical foundational elements in place, you’re missing out on leads and revenue.

By moving forward with Pibble, you will be able to focus on the parts of the business you love most because you’ll get your time back. The next steps are to take a look at the proposal below, sign and pay, and we’ll get the kick-off call scheduled.

Looking forward to working together,

Elia Ajram



“I am so very grateful to the Pibble team for all they have done. Almost every day we receive pictures of Ukrainian women and children arriving to safety, away from the shock and awe of this war. This incredible team’s rapid, professional development of high-impact marketing deliverables made it simple and easy for amazing donors to bring smiles and relief to these children and their families. We also recently purchased two vehicles to provide much-needed humanitarian assistance from Poland to Ukraine and, again, all because of the lightning-fast, unbelievable marketing impact to our fundraising efforts.”

Nathan Schmidt,

Founder, Mountain Seed Foundation


This proposal intends to create a robust digital marketing structure and strategy for Chase Hughes that will generate sales to support the live events that are the current focus of the business.

After speaking with you, the current concerns revolve around:

  • Live events not selling out and how that affects revenue
  • A need for digital marketing structure, strategy, and support to create additional revenue
  • And to execute this without you being in the middle

Elia and the team at Pibble will use tested design and development solutions in conjunction with Jocelyn @ Eh Typical Marketing’s StoryBrand Marketing Roadmap to create and execute marketing materials proven to increase engagement and performance among your customers. 

We will walk you through each phase of the process, from project initiation to project completion, to ensure we complete assets in their final state on time.

Overall Marketing Assesment

Now that we have defined the goal of your marketing strategy we can identify what is initially missing in your marketing efforts, and build a RoadMap to execute a marketing plan proven to grow your business.

We believe that the following are the most critical foundational elements of your digital business. These pieces of your digital marketing strategy will be streamlined and get you measurable results to lead your business into sustainable growth.

  • A clear company message that helps users understand you and your business quickly and easily
  • A website that guides potential customers to your products
  • An automated email nurturing campaign to keep your customers engaged
  • A sales funnel and email campaign to drive more sales to support your business
  • Stories of customer transformation to help ‘seal the deal’ for potential buyers

A more detailed breakdown of these solutions is provided below.


  1. Clarify Your Company’s Message

    After applying the StoryBrand Marketing Framework, Jocelyn will fine-tune your BrandScript and make sure the message your brand is communicating is clear and compelling. Then she will work with Elia’s team to ensure the messaging is consistent with your brand throughout.

    A clear message will qualify the right leads for your products and events.


    • Completed BrandScript with the overall company message
  2. Wire-frame a website update

    Websites that are full of noise can kill potential sales.

    Using the message we created in your BrandScript, Jocelyn and Elia will go through each section that should appear on your home page to make sure your site is working for you, not against you.

    We’ll start with an analysis of your website and its structure then focus on the home page before reorganizing and creating additional pages as needed.


    • Wireframed home page with suggested site layout and website copy
    • Set up and provide logins to all digital solutions required (hosting, website back-end, CRM, ESP, etc
  3. Email Nurturing Campaign

    Once you capture an email address, you should have an automated email sequence that onramps that prospect to future events and products.Jocelyn will create a series of 5-8 emails designed to engage your audience to keep them tuned to your communication.

    • 5-8 emails to be included in an automated campaign, built for you
  4. Sales Funnel & Email Campaign

    A well-developed sales funnel will be the foundation for generating reliable revenue and scaling your business.First, Jocelyn and Elia will meet with your business manager to get the full scope of the products you offer to ensure continuity in the sales process.

    Then Jocelyn will create marketing emails that drive prospects to a product funnel Elia’s team builds, and follow-up sales letters designed to close the deal will be added to an automated email sequence.


    • One (1) full sales funnel for one to two (1-2) products
    • Full page breakdown provided after kick-off call and meeting with your business manager to assess full product offering and scope
    • Three (3) emails to be included in an automated sales campaign
  5. Gather Customer Testimonials

    Powerful stories of your customer’s transformation are critical if you want to create raving fans of your events.Jocelyn will walk you through the questions we need to ask your top clients in order to capture these stories of transformation, and she’ll work with Elia’s team to present them in a way that is clear, compelling, and enticing to potential attendees.


    • A survey we can send your clients to capture testimonials OR a hosted questionnaire
    • Proofing and Copy editing to ensure clarity and consistency

Total $30,000

*Payment plans provided for those who qualify. Please contact {user_assigned} at {user_email} for more information.


Date: {date_submitted}

Between “us”, {company_name}, and “you”, {client_name}

You {client_name}, are hiring {company_name} to perform {proposal_name} for the estimated total price of {total} as outlined in this proposal.

1.0 Services Rendered
Strategy & Design

We’ll deliver a branding strategy and marketing collateral. After the strategy and design are approved we’ll deliver a branding guidelines document.

You’ll have two or more weekly opportunities to review our work and provide feedback. If at any stage, you’re not happy with the direction our work is taking, you will pay us in full for everything we’ve produced up to that point and then cancel this contract.


We can’t guarantee that our work will be error-free (we’re human!) so we can’t be liable to you or any third party for damages, including lost profits, lost savings, or other incidental, consequential or special damages, even if you’ve advised us of them.

2.0 Mutual Cooperation

We agree to use our best efforts to fulfill and exceed your expectation on the deliverables listed above. You agree to aid us in doing so by making available to us needed information pertaining to your website and to cooperate with us in expediting the work.

3.0 Charges for Services Performed

3.1 Requests above and beyond those listed in the budget may be considered out-of-scope and an amendment to the budget will be recommended. Projects that go dormant for longer than 45 days will incur fee to resume work at the discretion of {company_name}.

4.0 Terms of Payment
4.1 Billing Schedule

We’re sure you understand how important it is as a small business that you pay the invoices that we send you promptly. We’re also sure you’ll want to maintain a positive working relationship and keep the project moving forward, so you agree to stick tight to the following payment schedule.

The total budget for this project: {total}

We will invoice for one hundred percent (100%) of the initial fees at the point of this signed contract agreement which will act as the deposit. Other payment arrangements may be made if agreed upon by both parties in writing.

You shall be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and propriety of information concerning your products and services which you furnish to us verbally or in writing in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

You shall be responsible for the accuracy, completeness, and propriety of information concerning your products and services which you furnish to us verbally or in writing in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

7.0 Confidentiality

{company_name} acknowledges its responsibility, both during and after the term of its appointment, to use all reasonable efforts to preserve the confidentiality of any proprietary or confidential information or data developed by {company_name} on behalf of {client_name} or disclosed by {client_name} to{company_name}{company_name}.

8.0 Term and Termination
8.1 Period of Agreement and Notice of Termination

This Agreement shall become effective as of the date signed and shall continue until terminated by either party upon not less than 60 days’ notice in writing given by either party to the other.

8.2 Termination for Cause

Either party to this Agreement may terminate the Agreement if the other party defaults in the performance of any of its material duties and obligations and the default are not cured within thirty (30) days of the receipt of notice of said default, or if the default is not reasonably curable within said period of time, unless the defaulting party commences cure within said period of time and diligently proceeds to cure the default.

In addition, either party may immediately terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the other party if the other party is insolvent or has a petition brought by or against it under the insolvency laws of any jurisdiction if the other party makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors if a trustee or similar agent is appointed with respect to any property or business of the other party, or in the case of the Client, if the Client materially breaches its obligations to make payment pursuant to this Agreement.

8.3 Payment for Non-Cancelable Materials

Any non-cancelable materials, services, etc., we have properly committed ourselves to purchase for your account, (either specifically or as part of a plan such as modules, photography and/or external services) shall be paid for by you, in accordance with the provisions of this Agreement. We agree to use our best efforts to minimize such liabilities immediately upon written notification from you. We will provide written proof, upon request of {client_name}, that any such materials and services are non-cancelable.

8.4 Materials Unpaid For

If upon termination there exist any materials furnished by us or any services performed by us for which you have not paid us in full, until such time as you have paid us in full you agree not to use any such materials, in whole or in part, or the product of such services.

8.5 Transfer of Materials

Upon termination of this agreement, provided that there is no outstanding indebtedness then owing by {client_name} to {company_name}, {company_name} shall transfer, assign and make available to {client_name} all property and materials in its possession or control belonging to {client_name}. {client_name} agrees to pay for all costs associated with the transfer of materials.

9.0 General Provisions
9.1 Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida.

9.2 Representations and Warranties

The parties each individually represent and warrant that each has full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and to perform all of their obligations hereunder without violating the legal or equitable rights of any third party.

9.3 Entire Agreement

Except as otherwise set forth or referred to in this Agreement, this Agreement constitutes the sole and entire Agreement and understanding between the parties hereto as to the subject matter hereof and supersedes all prior discussions, agreements, and understandings of every kind and nature between them as to such subject matter.

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be illegal, invalid, or unenforceable under any present or future law, then that provision will be fully severable. In such instance, this Agreement will be construed and enforced as if the illegal, invalid, or unenforceable provision had never comprised a part of this Agreement, and the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.

Frustration sets in when you spend your time handling issues instead of doing what you do best: growing your business.

We believe you deserve a reliable team that consistently delivers to keep your business moving forward.

Over the last decade, we curated a team of talented designers, programmers, and marketers to support businesses like yours.

Every team member has owned a business, which gives us an innate understanding of your problems.

We've experienced the ups and downs of multi-million dollar product launches...

Catching up late at night through the early morning...

Only to repeat the cycle all over again.

The reality is that it doesn't have to be that way. Whatever you and the digital side of your business need, Pibble is your company's best friend.